Food & Hotel Business Directory


Food & Hotel Business Directory is the annual publication of Food Business Gulf & Middle East. This directory serves as the vital link between exporters and importers of Fresh Produce, Ingredients, Bakery products, Hotels, Hypermarkets, Restaurants & Catering industries in the Gulf, Middle East and World Wide. The directory offers updated contact information of the major international suppliers and the respective buyers in the Gulf and Middle East region.

For more information please contact: info@foodbusinessgulf.com or gulfag@emirates.net.ae

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Horticulture & Landscape Directory


Serving the Middle East and Gulf regionís ever growing landscape and horticulture industries, our Horticulture & Landscape Directory offers the most required information of international suppliers and the potential buyers of landscape indoor and outdoor products, irrigation systems, lightings and garden equipment, ornamental plants and flowers, agriculture machineries, transports, logistics, fresh products, greenhouses, climate control facilities, horticulture seeds and fertilizers. For more information please contact: gulfag@emirates.net.ae


Gulf Agriculture Magazine


Agriculture in the Gulf region is fast developing and rapidly becoming more sophisticated with the latest farming technology. GULF AGRICULTURE, the only specialized magazine in English covers on a bimonthly basis all news relating to agriculture, horticulture, crop protection, irrigation, landscaping, and livestock farming in the Gulf region.

With a primary aim to provide the latest developments and information in the agriculture and landscaping sectors, GULF AGRICULTURE carries in each issue regular features such as Regional and International News, Trade Fairs, New Appointments, Country Exports, Agricultural Updates and Projects Information in addition to its Special Editorials.

GULF AGRICULTURE is circulated among agricultural, horticultural, gardening, landscaping, livestock, aquaculture professionals in the Gulf region which include agri farm owners, agri equipment suppliers, horticulture engineers, irrigation engineers, landscape consultants & contractors, greenhouse managers, floriculture managers, flower wholesalers, dairy farms, poultry breeders and water treatment facilities. Bonus copies are being distributed at most of the regional and international food and agri shows in which we are participating.

For more information please contact: gulfag@emirates.net.ae



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